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So I’ve got a good chunk of the main animation roughed out- of course there’s a few parts such as the sword gal’s entrance as well as a cleaner transition from the start to the running up scenes (Which really i was going to work on this weekend) But yeah! slowly making my way towardsContinue reading “10/15”

Its spooky month!!! But anyways I’ve blacked out/ drawn the two-three-ish main parts of the story, while trying to implement the principles of animations we’ve learned (such as squash and stretch, anticipation, ect) But while working on this- I’ve discovered a a new type of animation- or at least a way to animate called greaseContinue reading

Squash and Stretch

9/30/21 Today in class we learned of the principle of Squash and stretch. This principle is at the core of the animation principles. It is what gives┬ásome elasticity and flexibility to your animation. When an object hits the ground, the impact drawing will be really squashed. As it bounces off the ground, it will stretchContinue reading “Squash and Stretch”

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